Oxford Road Park In Georgetown KY

Georgetown’s Oxford Road Park is one of the oldest parks in Georgetown. It is also one of the biggest in comparison to other parks, which makes it very popular with children and all kinds of different pets. This park has a lot to offer, but sometimes people do not know exactly what they can be doing in the park.

For entertainment purposes, there is a lot one can do. There are two playgrounds provided by the park. One of them is more for younger children and has a variety of swings as well as different slides and other equipment. The other playground, though smaller, is still designed with older children in mind. In addition to the two playgrounds, there are many trails for people to wander through and enjoy the scenery all around them. It is important to note that dogs are not permitted in the park, even though there are many trees and open spaces for them to run free.

The most popular thing people tend to do at this park partakes in athletic activities. This could be anything from football to simply jogging up and down the trails. There are also fishing lakes that people can bring equipment to and use for a recreational day of fishing. In addition to this, there is a very large open field where people could play other sports such as soccer or Frisbee.

If an individual would like to simply enjoy time by themselves, they could go to the park and walk around or read a book. Some people even choose to go bird watching in the area, seeing all of the unique species that call this park home.

One thing everyone should know before they go to Oxford Road Park is that there are many trees throughout the park with long twisting branches which can make it difficult for people who have a fear of heights. In addition to this, there are trails that cut through the trees and go upwards into the hills, so people need to know it could be quite steep in certain parts. It is also very important that everyone knows that this park is open from sunrise until 10 PM, so it would be wise not to bring children at night.

Pets are also not permitted in this park. Even though there is so much nature and greenery, it is important for people to think about the animals who would like to enjoy this beautiful area and how they would feel when a dog came running up and started chasing them around in their yard. It is simply not fair for the animals or the people.

Oxford Road Park is a wonderful place to visit for all kinds of different reasons. People can feel free to come out and enjoy themselves when they are in Georgetown, Kentucky.